Nicola Duffett, Tamaryn Payne and Cassidy Janson to appear in BLOOD WEDDING at London's Courtyard Theatre

Aria Entertainment  and SOT Stage present

By Federico Garcia Lorca, Translated by Tanya Ronder
The Courtyard, Bowling Green Walk, 40 Pitfield Street, N1 6EU

Inspired by the tragic events of a true story, Blood Wedding is a haunting tale of love, deceit, fate and vengeance. 

A mother; still grieving for the loss of her husband who was stabbed and killed during a feud with the rival Felix family, finds her son is due to marry an ex-lover of a Felix. 
But he is happy to let the past rest, for love... for now.
Set in 1930s Spain, the old feud is stirred up by rumours and whispering surrounding the marriage linking families to their turbulent warring history. The younger generation has put love above all and sets the past in the past, with plans for the future to unite and harmonise.
But when tradition and expectations are so at odds with instinct, our young bride is torn between her desire and her duty. Her subsequent actions create a ferocious chain of events which will end in an irrevocably cruel climax.
In 2005 Tanya Ronder premiered her reimagining of Blood Wedding to critical acclaim. Her “poetic and dreamlike” text (British Theatre Guide 2005) “retains its beautifully crafted phrases but releases primary poetic responsibility to the production as a whole” (Terri Paddock What’s On Stage 2005). This is the first showing of that text since its debut.
Aria Entertainment, experienced with works exploring love, duty and familial bonds has previously produced adaptations of Sophie Kinsella’s Sleeping Arrangements and a revival of lost musical, Children of Eden.
The cast list includes familiar faces such as Nicola Duffett (Eastenders, Family Affairs, Waterloo Road), Tamaryn Payne (Hollyoaks) and Cassidy Janson (Avenue Q and Wicked)
With Blood Wedding the company takes Ronder’s stylised and emotive scripting of this classic tragedy, made all the more expressive by a specially composed original live score combining classical Spanish roots with world music traditions. Here they tell the story of how what should be a day of joy, unfolds tragically to its ultimate heartbreaking conclusion.
Human emotion and fate come face-to-face as lovers choose their path while death and the moon look on. Surrounded by poignant symbolism and the essence of Spanish passion, Aria Entertainment brings music and movement, traditional storytelling and elements of theatre throughout history to the text to convey a story to feel as well as see.

Listings Details
Show: Blood Wedding
Dates: 16th October 2013 to 16th November 2013
*No Monday performances*
Time: 8.00pm (additional Sunday performances at 3.30pm)
Press Night: 23rd October. 8pm
Venue: The Courtyard, Bowling Green Walk, 40 Pitfield Street, N1 6EU

Prices: £10 - £18 (Previews £10)