Theatre Review: Another Way - The Cockpit, London ✭✭✭✭

Another Way

The Cockpit, London

Wednesday 18th September 2013: Well, I've been spoilt in the past seven days as I've had the chance to see two new British Musicals make their mark on stages in London. Last week I saw When Midnight Strikes, a fine piece of theatre indeed at Upstairs at the Gatehouse, and on Wednesday of this week, I popped along to see Another Way at The Cockpit. Both fringe venues are at the heart of showing new and thought provoking theatre, and Another Way is delightfully charming.

Another Way is three short stories about three London-based couples - work colleagues, friends, family and lovers - over the course of three months. It’s about luck in its different forms, from feeling lucky to being struck by luck, by a chance meeting. It’s about hope, it’s about getting stronger, and staying up later, for the 'dawn of our glory days'. 

This piece sort of reminded me of the film Love Actually, different stories interspersed with each other and ending on a high. Here we have two colleagues and friends, looking to get their big hit on the internet video scene. This is followed by the story of two lonely people who end up dating, and the third is about a couple who are struggling on the cusp of a huge challenge in life - I wont give too many details away, but it is rather moving and emotional at times.

Julie Atherton
Photo by Darren Bell
Again, this is another piece of theatre where the whole ensemble shine bright. Julie Atherton is simply stunning as usual, and Ria Cherelle Horsford also gives a very powerful performance. Vocally they are all very good indeed, nothing to fault there at all, but for me Matthew Collyer (Alex) stood out with his tremendous voice, sounding a bit like Mick Hucknall at times which has real power and soul. The score is compelling and emotional, and then that little bit of edginess creeps in to make your heart go boom!

The only problems I had with this show, are that at times the band are too loud, and vocals can't be heard over the drums. As the Cockpit is a small space, live bands will always be a problem, it's all about getting the right balance. The other problem was a lot of radio mic faults, lots of popping going on, but that said, the performances out shine this - it would also have been nice to have a few more people in the audience, there were only 20 of us... I mean, come on, get out there and see some shows!

Another Way, another damn fine show.

Four stars ✭✭✭✭


Another Way

The Cockpit
Gateforth Street

Box Office: 020 7258 2925

Wednesday 11 September - Saturday  5 October

Wednesday - Saturday at 7.30pm
Sundays at 4.00pm
No show Sunday 22 September 

Press night: Friday 13 
September at 7.30pm

Tickets: £15.00 / £12.50

Previews: Wednesday 11 and Thursday 
12 September all seats £10.00