Theatre Review: Blood Wedding - The Courtyard, London ✭✭✭✭

Blood Wedding
The Courtyard, London
Review by Tom Fowles  

Tuesday 22nd October 2013: Audiences have always been a sucker for the forbidden love story; it’s exciting, gripping and altogether far more interesting than two people who meet at a bus stop and instantly fall in love with no strings attached. We have to ask ourselves though how many more times is acceptable to sit through another wet rendition of this style of performance before we do in fact get bored? Well the simple answer is to add heat and you get Blood Wedding playing at the Courtyard Theatre and it’s fiery; really fiery!

Blood Wedding, written by dramatist Federico Garcia Lorca, is a very popular text, perhaps best known in modern times to drama students for its rich themes and potential it bodes for dramatic devices. With direction by Bronagh Lagan, the storyline follows that of love and betrayal, which this production superlatively captivates making for an emotional thought provoking piece. The performance flowed pleasantly with some of those much loved dramatic devices and symbolism delivered mainly through Miles Yekinni as Death. 

The cast were very strong and appeared committed to the piece, one particularly favourable performance came from Lynsey Beauchamp as Mother who connected so naturally with the character giving such a compelling performance. Anna Bamberger showcased her marvellous acting capabilities giving a distant yet emotionally effective performance as Bride; a very slight criticism was in her dialect which at times could be hard to understand but an otherwise flawless performance.  Wonderfully cast Cassidy Janson created a loveable down to earth Servant with such an air of honestly and warmth. 

Paul Green’s lighting design wonderfully transformed this quirky theatre in Hackney into a hot Spain; complimenting and enhancing the atmosphere of the piece superbly. The show features a simple yet effective set by designer Francisco Rodriguez-Weil comprising of a series of doors that helped to endorse a key theme of the show; being split between several paths. Finally every good love tragedy demands a fight scene where love, lust and jealousy come to a head with harrowing consequences and fighting coach Edward Linard capably choreographs this shows effective fight sequence.

Blood Wedding is a definite must see for drama enthusiasts with its rich themes that this company wonderfully portray to deliver an emotive thought provoking piece. 

Four Stars ✭✭✭✭

Listings Details
Show: Blood Wedding
Dates: 16th October 2013 to 16th November 2013
*No Monday performances*
Time: 8.00pm (additional Sunday performances at 3.30pm)
Venue: The Courtyard, Bowling Green Walk, 40 Pitfield Street, N1 6EU
Prices: £10 - £18