Theatre Review: September in the Rain (UK Tour) - Richmond Theatre ✭✭✭✭

September in the Rain (UK tour)
Richmond Theatre

30th September 2013: Award winning director John Godber is bringing a touch of the seaside into our lives, September in the Rain is based on Godber's own grandparents, Jack and Liz, who have been going to Blackpool every year for their annual holiday jaunt. Staying every year at Mavis' boarding house on Woodfield Road, Godber's observations and people watching are brought together in this wonderful production.

The set is minimal yet simple, a back drop of Blackpool seafront, a couple of deck chairs, festoon lighting draped between lamp posts - it is the ideal setting for this two hander. Playing the roles of Jack and Liz are John Thomson and Claire Sweeney, which in my opinion is very fine casting indeed. They bounce off each other well and have a certain chemistry on stage that is needed for a play like this.

This is a rather heart warming show, and yet at times heart breaking, especially at the end of act one when Liz is left alone on the beach, affections being strained between the two characters. There is also plenty of comedy, both visually and verbally, the rollercoaster scene being one of many highlights.

Godber is a very clever writer, he knows how to make the dialogue work, and with September in the Rain, he pulls out all the stops to bring a lovely piece of theatre to us. Time to reminisce about our own holidays in the past at the british seaside, and the troubles it sometimes causes. I think it is hats off to Thomson and Sweeney for bringing such wonderful characters to life, and it's time for you to grab your knotted hankie, roll up your trousers and hit the theatre when it comes near you.

Four stars ✭✭✭✭

Tour Dates
11th - 14th Malvern Theatre
16th - 21st Southend Palace
24th - 28th Darlington Civic Theatre
30th - 5th Oct: Richmond Theatre

7th - 12th Brighton Theatre Royal
14th - 19th Aylesbury Waterside Theatre
21st - 26th Derby Theatre 
28 Oct - 2nd Nov: Churchill Theatre, Bromley 

4th - 9th       Dundee Rep
11th - 16th  Chesterfield Pomegranate
18th - 23rd  Guildford Yvonne Arnaud
25th - 30th  Glasgow Kings