Theatre Review: Evita - Edinburgh Playhouse ✭✭✭✭

 Review by Mhairi Greer

From the solemn and dimly lit scene of Eva Peron’s funeral, the stage bursts into life and the audience are transported back to the 1940s where they first meet, Eva Peron (Madalena Alberto).  Alberto captures the excitement and ambition of the aspiring actress during Eva Beware of the City and Magaldi (Nic Gibney) offers a bit humour.

Madalena Alberto delivers a strong performance as Eva with outstanding vocals and passion. She captures the evolution of Eva from a young actress into the mature and successful wife of Peron (Mark Heenehan). Heenehan fulfils the role of Peron with a solid stage presence and impressive vocal range.

The couple work well together and demonstrate the support they provided one another throughout their political and challenging careers. The audience also get a glimpse of Peron’s gentle side and Evita’s vulnerability when her health deteriorates.  

Undoubtedly, Che (Marti Pellow) looks the part and showcases his voice during And the Money Keeps Rolling in. Although it was clear that Pellow took some time to settle into his musical theatre role with a slightly awkward stance. At times it was also difficult to follow his narration over the volume of the band. Nevertheless, Pellow was well received with cheers from the audience.

Mistress (Sarah Mcnicholas) surprised the audience with an amazing and heart-felt performance during Another suitcase in Another Hall.

With its sleek set and lighting, this production offers the audience, to some extent, a traditional love story, with fantastic vocals and passion. 

Evita is at the Edinburgh Playhouse until 8th February. For tickets and information visit