Gig Review: Within Temptation - Wembley Arena ✭✭✭✭

Review by Christina Benneworth

12 April 2014: Within Temptation - the European symphonic rock/metal band hit London on their tour of the UK. Fronted by lead vocalist Sharon den Adel, Within Temptation are one of the biggest rock acts internationally. And once you know that fact you know the night is going to be something special.

The show kicked off with a short video; Within Temptation are well-known for putting short movies together so this was a little treat, it then went straight in to "Let Us Burn", the band couldn't have started the show with a better song. It showed the skills from the band, the impeccable vocals from Sharon and the raw energy they give off, it definitely made you excited for what was to come.

The next song, probably one of my favourites of the night was "Paradise (what about us?)", this song was the first single from their new album Hydra. A great crowd pleaser.

The set from the night was a mix of songs, from their new album Hydra and some of their older material, including sings from the album The Unforgiven. Some of the songs included, Mother Nature, Angel, Covered in Roses, Stand My Ground. You could tell from the audience that Within Temptation have a lot of loyal fans, no song was preferred over the other, every song was loved. Everyone was there to have a good time and enjoy some good music, the atmosphere was amazing.

Within Temptation kept it simple, making it all about the music. Simple lighting and visuals of music videos and movies playing in the background.

"And We Run" was another favourite of the night. The duets were done well, as the music video would be playing in the background you get to see them rather than just hear them."AndWe Run" features Xzibit, I personally think the mix of rock/metal goes so well with rap. So this song was great to hear live. My other favourite was "Angels" what a powerful song, Sharon's voice was outstanding live while singing this song, the way the music filled the arena, incredible feeling.

From what Sharon had said during the show she and the band were just extremely happy to be performing at Wembley Arena and you could tell by the performance they gave.

After a 16 song set and only minimal breaks in between Within Temptation provided a great encore, which included a Lana Del Ray cover "Summertime Sadness".

A very energetic performance, great atmosphere, even better music, there wasn't any more you could ask for. I haven't stopped listening to them since the concert, I have definitely been won over. Within Temptation have a new fan.

4 stars ✭✭✭✭