Theatre Review: Fashion Victim The Musical - Cinema Museum, London ✭✭✭

Fashion Victim The Musical 

 Cinema Museum, London
Review by Tom Fowles

Monday 23rd June 2014: Backstage Pass donned their glad rags to line the catwalk of Fashion Victim The Musical playing at the Cinema Museum, London. 

This quirky musical follows the story of two style crossed lovers with big ambitions in the cut throat fashion industry.  

Ringleader of this marvellously modern musical is glamorous Jake Spangle brought to life by Carl Mullaney. Mullaney's funny topical performance and comic timings keeps the audience laughing throughout making him an instantly loveable character. Mullaney's splendid characterisation is also supported by his strong vocals that seemingly come out of nowhere. 

The fashion world is all about big personalities and this musical certainly has no shortage of those. Canadian temptress Mimi Steel arrives in cosmopolitan London with even more cosmopolitan ideas of how to make her mark; quick to set to work playing puppet master over her oblivious male victims. Rosie Glossop gives an alluring performance as Mimi and backs up her big personality with a huge voice. Glossop successfully portrays a ruthless Mimi who will stop at nothing to orchestrate her glamorous A list life. 

Mini's 'Brad' in her own 'Brangelina' fantasy world is swarve Cedric Chavalier played by James Wilkinson. Wilkinson gives a sophisticated performance proving popular with the audience. True to this up and coming show's fashionable themes it also features a cameo appearance from actress and fashion model Camilla Rutherford

This chic, double denim hating musical is brilliantly funny bestowing sparkle and glamour on all that have the pleasure of seeing it. 

3 Stars ✭✭✭


Fashion Victim -
The Musical!

by Toby Rose

Director Robert McWhir
Choreographer Ryan Jenkins
Musical Director Michael Webborn
Costume Designer Deborah Andrew
Lighting Designer Richard Lambert

2 Dugard Way 
(off Renfrew Road) 
SE11 4TH

Saturday 21 June - 
Sunday 6 July at 8.00pm

Monday - Sunday

Press night: 
Monday 23 June at 8.00pm

Doors open at 7.00pm
for lounge music and cocktails. 
Curtain up at 8.00pm

Ticket prices:
£10.00 - £20.00
Limited number of 
VIP tables available 
for 4 people: £200 
including cocktails, nibbles 

and goody bags