Mystery of The Mousetrap - Whodunnit?

Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap has been enthralling audiences as the world’s longest running stage production at its London home for more than 55 years.  This magical mystery makes a welcome return to the Theatre Royal Glasgow on Monday 15 September for one week only.

With eight guests snowed in to Monkswell Manor and a suspicious murder to solve, we have an exclusive sneaky peek at the potential suspects for this fantastic evening of intrigue. So, prepare to meet the guilty, or innocent, suspects and prepare for a night of unexpected twists!
CHRISTOPHER WREN (Stephen Yeo): I was alone in my room when the murder was committed. Everyone has had it in for me since the beginning, this is persecution! If it was anyone, I’d suspect Major Metcalf - seems perfectly nice and normal but you never know…

MAJOR METCALF (Christopher Gilling): I knew something was afoot when I realised the telephone wasn’t working; I was stationed in Edinburgh at the time of the Longridge Farm Case - you should ask Mrs Boyle if she knows anything more about that one.
GILES RALSTON (Henry Luxembourg): I married Mollie a year ago and I don’t like to talk about my life before that. When the body was discovered I was up in the bedroom trying to replace the broken telephone – I didn’t see Christopher Wren coming down the stairs from his room when I came down. There’s something odd about him and I know there’s something fishy going on between him and my wife…

MOLLIE RALSTON (Helen Clapp): I inherited Monkswell Manor from my aunt, and rather than sell the beautiful house, I decided to turn it into a guest house. On a horrid, snowy night someone was killed – I didn’t hear anything; I was in the kitchen preparing vegetables with the wireless on. Maybe I would have been concentrating more if I hadn’t discovered that Giles had been lying about going to London earlier in the week. What else could he be lying about?
MISS CASEWELL (Charlotte Latham): I was alone writing a letter when the murder was committed. Anyway, I have to hurry off back to the continent after this snow clears up; I’m only here because I have some business to attend to…

MR PARAVICINI (Michael Fenner): I was traveling out in the snow when my Rolls Royce broke down, the first place I came to was this charming guesthouse in the middle of nowhere – It was lucky they have space for me. Who am I and where have I come from? Not telling. I am a man of mystery…
MRS BOYLE (Anne Kavanagh): I told you that Christopher Wren’s credentials should have been checked when he booked in to the guesthouse; he looks like he’s escaped from a lunatic asylum! Now it’s too late.

SGT TROTTER (Luke Jenkins): I was called to Monkswell Manor as there was a recent murder in London seems to be connected to this house and the events which happened at nearby Longridge Farm some time ago. Everyone was alone when the murder was committed tonight which means that everyone is a suspect in this case, even me…

Now you've met them, do you think you know whodunnit? Are you sure?

The 60th Anniversary – and first ever- UK tour of this beloved murder mystery has now been seen by over 600,000 people across more than 600 performances, breaking box office records in many of its venues. Find out why this classic play has kept audiences guessing for decades at the Theatre Royal this September. Tickets are on sale now.

The Mousetrap
Theatre Royal Glasgow
Mon 15 – Sat 20 Sep
Mon – Sat eves 7.30pm
Wed & Sat mats 2.30pm
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