Pantomime Review: Peter Pan - King's Theatre, Glasgow ✭✭✭✭

The magic of Pan(to) is alive and well in Glasgow this winter. Celebrating its 50th year with its first outing of the swashbuckling adventure of Peter Pan, the King’s theatre pantomime is as much a Glasgow staple as plain bread, Irn Bru and the legendary deep fried Mars bar.

This year’s pantomime has already endured rough seas to get to opening night with Alex Bourne drafted in an 11th hour replacement to take on the role of Captain Hook after the previous two withdrew. With the Jolly Roger finally under a secure commander the show opened on Thursday night to a positively rock concert reception from the delighted audience.

Making his pantomime debut as hapless Smee, Greg McHugh (Gary, ship commander but for legal reasons you can call me Smee!) steals the show with his more Red Coat than pirate Smee. A new comedic panto duo is born with his sidekick Pirate “AHOY THERE GANG” Starkey, Des Clarke. Clarke and McHugh bounce off each others’ energy and soon whip the boys and girls in the audience into a frenzy while keeping the adults on their toes with their cheeky asides.

With sparkling sets, bombastic dance numbers and laughs a plenty Peter Pan will certainly keep families laughing this winter. What it lacks in plot line and structure it makes up for with heart, energy and amplification.

It may not be a King’s classic like days gone by but it is perhaps the first in a new generation of Glasgow King's pantomime. The sight of a small boy dancing his socks off in one of the boxes and jumping with joy as the theatre echoed with “BRING DOWN THE CLOOT” before a raucous sing song is a reminder of the magical effect of the King's panto and Peter Pan is no exception. 

Peter Pan is at the King’s Theatre, Glasgow until 11th January 2015 with a special relaxed performance at 11am  on 7th January. For details and tickets visit