Movie Review: Hackney's Finest (In Cinemas 3rd April) ✭✭✭

Hackney's Finest 

In cinemas 3rd April 

Available on DVD & On Demand 13th April

Corruption, violence, drugs and crazy people all added together with darkly delicious humour.

Hackney’s Finest pits a motley bunch of hapless drug dealers against a group of Russian thugs, Welsh-Jamaican arms dealers, and a pair of particularly corrupt policemen. Sirus (Nathanael Wiseman) is a Hackney courier controller who deals a little on the side to make some extra money, his best friend Asif is an Afghan illegal immigrant trafficking heroin through London for his uncle, is set up by two police detectives who are working on a private vendetta to take a whole lot of heroin, money and also take them out using a hired Russian gang.

The film had some good moments, the storyline is strong, and a few cliché moments that might have been a tad bit too predictable. It was a nice touch adding comedy to this film, it didn't make it a generic film all about drugs and guns. 

B (Marlon G. Day) and Tony (Enoch Frost), two Welsh-Jamaicans who seem to know what they are doing in a sticky situation. Some great acting by the two cast members, I don’t think I've ever heard a Welsh-Jamaican accent before, added a different aspect to the film.

Another added comedy value to this film was a gang of Russian thugs, who were completely out of their minds on drugs and just fuelled with aggression. Some great comedy from this group.

It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if they had a bigger budget for this movie. Not that the budget really affected anything, just would have been interesting to see what the director (Chris Bouchard) could have done with a bigger budget. Chris Bouchard was the director of the phenomenally successful viral short film of ‘The Hunt For Gollum’, so it was great to see him do a feature length film. Also there has to be some credit to Thorin Seex who wrote the story and was his first feature.

Looking forward to seeing what is next from Chris Bouchard. 

Enoch Frost (Skyfall, Outpost, Shifty), Arin Alldridge (The Bill, The Hunt for Gollum, The Cost of Love), Neerja Naik (Life Goes On, Sold), Malcolm Tomlinson (Emmerdale), Sean Cronin (The Hooligan Wars, The Callback Queen), Katarina Gellin (EastEnders, The Inbetweeners Movie), Nathanael Wiseman, Marlon G Day, Rajan Sharma, Christopher Dingli and Jeanette Rourke, with an unforgettable cameo from popular funnyman, Kulvinder Ghir (Goodness Gracious Me, Bend It Like Beckham, Van Wilder 2,  Rita, Sue and Bob, Too!).