PURE RIDDY at The Bungo on Thursday 21 May!

Pure Riddy is a comedy event featuring adults (not actors) reading their hilarious and cringe-y real-life teenage diaries to a live audience, during the Southside Fringe on Thursday 21 May.

Once upon a time you were a teenager. Confused, plooky, difficult, generally frustrated with life and how “nobody understands” you. Your scheming, gossiping classroom nemesis “ruined” your life; school disco snogs, first fumbles and debut dating disasters did your heid right in.

Event producer, Meadhbh says “I got the idea from an event I contributed to a few times when I lived in London called ‘Cringe’. I’m chuffed at the response for Pure Riddy so far and can’t wait to hear from Glasgow’s now grown-up teenagers.”

Pure Riddy guarantees a whole horrifying heap of embarrassing diaries read aloud by brave adults baring their teenage souls - and a few surprise guests. Laughs of horrifying recognition guaranteed.

Known for its consistently great food and drink, The Bungo is an ever-popular haunt for Southsiders and beyond. Its basement venue is the perfect match for what promises to be an intimate and fun ‘school night’ out.

The event will run from 7:30pm – 9:00pm at The Bungo, 17-21 Nithsdale Road, G41 2AL. Ticket prices are £5 (full) / £2 (unwaged) SOLD OUT online, limited on the door, but come early!

Twitter: @Pure_Riddy