Theatre Review: Spamalot - King's Theatre, Glasgow ✭✭✭✭

Loving ripped off from the film  Monty Python and The Holy Grail and on the menu at the King's Theatre this week is ham and jam and Spamalot! Featuring Knights of the round table, plague, Knights who say "ni!", French taunters, a flying cow, killer rabbit and a lengthy debate about the migratory capabilities of the coconut, Spamalot is a hilarious night of whimsical fun.

Reprising his role as King Arthur, Joe Pasquale teams up with his son Joe Tracini who plays Arthur's hapless servant / horse, Patsy. Pasquale keeps the audience, and his cast mates, on their toes by dotting the dialogue with ad libs and cheeky remarks to the audience. Tracini is a scene-stealing as daft Patsy bringing great physical comedy that creates a lovable character. He lumbers across the stage carting an oversized pack laden with Yorkshire tea, Coco Pops and other essentials with a light-footed dexterity that only enhances the comedic element. Sarah Earnshaw's Lady of the Lake is the perfect diva and her true range only becomes apparent when she blows the roof off during the Diva's Lament. Earnshaw is definitely and lamentably "off stage for far too long".

Spamalot is truly an ensemble piece with several cast members playing multiple parts. The Knights are all excellent with Josh Wilmott as Sir Bedevere, Richard Meek as Sir Galahad and Will Hawksworth as not so brave "Sir Robin". As Sir Lancelot, French Taunter, Knight of the Ni AND Tim the Enchanter Jamie Tyler shows off his versatility. His superb comic timing leaves the audience in stitches particularly when he tortures Joe Pasquale with an extending new name for the Knights who no longer say "ni!". All I will say is there is a moose loose aboot this hoose...

Particularly exceptional is the update of You Won't Succeed in Showbiz with on trend cultural references as well as some specific to Glasgow which was particularly appreciated by the home crowd.

Spamalot is definitely "not dead yet" and fantastically silly. This fanciful night out is the perfect antidote to an unseasonably cold June in Glasgow. Remember, what happens in Camelot, stays in Camelot!

Spamalot is at the King's Theatre until Saturday 6th June. For tickets and information visit