Gig Review: The Overtones - London Palladium ✭✭✭✭✭

The Overtones
London Palladium

3rd July 2015: I have been following The Overtones for around five years now, seen them in concert a few times including Magic Summer Live at Hatfield House and previous Palladium appointments. I have also met the guys at one of their album launches in a swanky London venue a couple of years ago, and honestly, what a great bunch of people they are. If you've not heard of them, which I find unlikely, then what do they do? I hear you ask... well let me tell you, they are a five piece harmony band with silky smooth choreography and outstanding vocals. What more can be said?

The Palladium was hot on Friday night, and it was full. After reviewing their latest album with five stars (which you can read here), we knew we were in for a treat this evening from Timmy, Lachie, Mark, Darren and Mike - Yes they have names! Singing a whole host of songs off their new album Sweet Soul Music, Heatwave couldn't have been more appropriate for the night! The audience were on their feet through out the gig, dancing and singing away - at one point the boys went into the audience, selfie sticks were out in force at this point.

But what makes The Overtones popular? It's not difficult to see or hear... the harmonies are outstanding, especially when they sing acapella into just one microphone, ShBoom sounded fabulous. An unplugged version of Under the Boardwalk was one of my stand out moments, you know the one when a song gives you goosebumps when it is done so brilliantly? Yes, that one.

Add the dancing to the singing abilities of these chaps and you get one complete entertainment package worthy of any stage. Backed by a four piece band, the sound was immense, and arrangements were great. As I said earlier, I've seen them a fair few times now, but they just keep getting better every time I see them.

With only a few dates left on their tour, try grab a ticket if you can.

A huge five stars! ✭✭✭✭✭