Gig Review: Paloma Faith + support Jake Isaac - Kew the Music, London ✭✭✭✭

Paloma Faith
Kew the Music

7 July 2015: I must start by saying that Jake Issac who was supporting tonight was rather good, I'd never heard of him before or his songs, but they were infectious, and if I knew what they were called, I'd write a bit more about him, so apologies for this if you read it Jake, you did a great job of warming up the crowd, and I look forward to hearing more of his stuff in the future.

Oh Paloma, where do I start with this review, except by saying isn't she frickin' brilliant? As soon as she hit the stage adorned in her gold and black dress, flanked by three backing singers in gold dresses, you could tell you were in for a great night.

The eight piece band were sounding rather marvellous, the three piece horn section especially standing out with their dance moves to accompany the playing. Opening proceedings with Take Me, this is one of those tracks which is fabulous to hear live, it's funky vibes echoing through the gardens, Paloma's dance routines shining through along with the sun, the brass stabs pounding out along with the guitars - an excellent start to the night, and it only got better.

A cover of Jimi Hendrix' Purple Haze was outstanding, as was Ready For The Good Life. Paloma's interaction with the audience was funny, especially at the end of the gig when she said it was her final song - "well not really, as I have another three, but I like the theatricality of going off stage and hearing you wanting more..." Paloma came back on to stage with rapturous applause, concluding "thank goodness you didn't leave, it would be awkward doing the final songs to just three people."

Ending with Can't Rely On You, Only Love Can Hurt Like This and finally Changing, Paloma left the picnic eating concert go-ers in a very good mood indeed. What a great start to the Kew the Music season this year.

Four stars ✭✭✭✭