Fringe Review: Close Up by Circa - Udderbelly, Underbelly George Square ✭✭✭✭✭

Review by Ellen Cree

If circus tricks, tossing, tumbling, acrobatics and humour are your thing, then ‘Close Up' by Circa is right up your street.

The Australian quartet put on a jaw dropping spectacle which will leave you both in awe and left wondering if there is anything that the human body can’t do. You will find it incredibly difficult to look away, even for a second, and you’ll be wishing the performance was an hour longer after witnessing such a marvel.

You feel very close to the fabulous four as they strongly engage with the audience, even bringing a few people on stage to join them for some tricks.

Throughout the duration of the show, there is an aerial dance segment and a Chinese pole segment which are both incredible and gravity defying. You will find it difficult to tear your eyes away.

The four performers, personality wise, make the performance extra special. It is clear to see how in love with the art they are, and how they just live and breathe for their passion, as well as the group being genuinely lovely, happy people.

‘Close Up'  is so beautifully sleek and simplistic, and everything that they do is made to look so easy and natural. There is nothing more wonderful than witnessing a performance where everyone involved is so in love with what they are doing, and for that, you should make sure you don’t miss it before the Edinburgh Fringe comes to a close.

‘Close Up' by Circa is at Underbelly George Square until the the 31st of August lasting an hour at 20:00