Fringe Review: My Beautiful Black Dog - Underbelly Cowgate ✭✭✭

Review by Graeme Shield

 "Black dog is what Winston Churchill used to call his depression... I have a beautiful black dog and I call her Creshendorious.” – Brigitte Aphrodite

My Beautiful Black Dog is a sort of quasi-Hedwig & The Angry Inch journey through the mind of somebody battling depression.

Attempting to mirror the white noise that depression can sometimes present itself as, it begins like a surreal expletive-filled episode of CBBC’s “Playdays”. The staging initially seems thrown together and you worry that Brigitte’s ultimately beautiful message is being lost amidst the theatrical pandemonium surrounding her. Luckily it finds firmer ground during an emotional (and mercifully simple) voicemail montage from which point on the show gains clarity and, seemingly, purpose.

Brigitte gives a committed and honest performance, showcasing her wonderful lyrical talent. The show has an obvious catharsis for performer moreso than audience, but this will not hamper your enjoyment.

While you’ll perhaps leave with a badge, a flyer or (if you’re lucky) a face full of glitter… Bri’s sincerely delivered message of hope is the best thing you’ll take away from this show, and something we all need now more than ever.

And that message of hope, quite frankly, is Creshen-glorious.

My Beautiful Black Dog’ by Brigitte Aphrodite is on at 1.55pm (1hr) at the Underbelly Cowgate (Belly Button) until Sunday 16th August, and comes with a guideline age range of 14+