Fringe Review: Ross and Rachel - The Box, Assembly George Square Theatre ✭✭✭✭

Ross & Rachel at Edinburgh Fringe Festival Banner

‘Ross and Rachel’ is a very cleverly constructed yet simplistic one woman show which portrays the lives of the famous characters Ross and Rachel from ‘Friends’ after the American sitcom comes to an end. You will almost feel as though you are on a personal friendship level with the pair due to the amount of knowledge you gain on their relationship. 

This one hour monologue, by James Fritz and performed by Molly Vevers, beautifully captures the perhaps not so happily ever after ending that the couple are faced with, as well as the other hiccups most relationships nowadays entail. The pair’s struggles are clearly depicted as Ross is diagnosed with cancer and the ‘life after Ross’ scenario becomes the focus point for the plot.  

Vevers cleverly sucks you in and really allows you to feel a variety of strong emotions for both characters through the intimacy of the small, but sold out venue. As an audience member, you feel as though you know ‘Ross’ and ‘Rachel’ and feel like you could currently be sat in their living room, hearing both their sides of their relationship story. 

However, don’t be put off if you’ve never seen a single episode of ‘Friends’ before (but where have you been hiding?). There are occasionally very subtle references to the show, such as the famous ‘we were on a break’ scenario, but the show is easy to follow and understand regardless of how familiar you are with the show, which simply plays as a stimulus for the performance.

‘Ross and Rachel’ is at The Box, Assembly George Square Theatre until the the 31st of August lasting an hour at 12:30