Fringe Review: The Sunset Five - Queen Dome, Pleasance Dome ✭✭✭✭✭

‘The Sunset Five’ is a witty, warm, hilarious piece of theatre which is definitely not to be missed at the Edinburgh Fringe. If you are not planning on going, go. 

Full of twists, turns, laughs and music, ‘The Sunset Five’ is a fantastic feel-good piece of theatre where the cast are so brilliantly in tune with one another. You’ll be left wanting more. 

Upon entering the venue, the cast were sitting along the back playing Elvis Presley’s ‘Hound Dog’ live, setting the tone for the next hour or so. The instruments were continuously used throughout the performance for more singing as well as for cleverly making sound effects.  

The show follows the lovable characters; Charley (owner of The Sunset pub), Neil (the gymnastic enthusiast), Hugh (a local newspaper writer who is a bit of a let down to his parents), Alice (who is very into computers), Fork (a local low-key criminal) and Fred (an American whose dream is to travel and host pub quizzes around the globe).  Local casino owner Mikey has paid out Charley’s debt for her pub and threatens to take it over unless she can raise $80,000 to repay him. So together, the quiz team plan a heist to steal money from Mikey’s casino. 

‘The Sunset Five’ is a hilarious and fun production, and you will find yourself loving all of the characters (perhaps not Mikey however), and although the play contains fairly light occasional swearing, it is great entertainment for teens, adults and the elderly alike. 

‘The Sunset Five’ is at the Queen Dome, Pleasance Dome until the the 31st of August lasting an hour at 17:40