Theatre Review: Avenue Q - Kings Theatre, Glasgow ✭✭✭✭

With songs called 'Everyone's a Little Bit Racist' and 'The Internet is for Porn' in the line up, the last thing you would expect from Avenue Q would be a touching coming of age story, but that's exactly what you get. Princeton is a fresh faced college graduate looking to find an apartment to rent and his purpose in life. On his quest for both he stumbles across Avenue Q, which just happens to be the home of the quirkiest yet most endearing neighbours in town. The show tracks Princeton's journey into adulthood providing many laughs (and a few tears) along the way. 

The Avenue Q cast is part human, part puppet and Richard Lowe and Sarah Harlington certainly  mastered the latter, controlling and voicing love birds Princeton and Kate Monster. Every look, gesture and movement was in sync to the point where you really forget that the Sesame Street style puppets you are watching, are just that. Stephen Arden was a particular highlight playing the porn obsessed 'grouch' of the bunch, Trekkie Monster. It's nice to see a fresh approach to an already funny character and Arden's blunter than normal responses had the audience in stitches. It has to be said that the cast as a whole are first class and really seemed to be enjoying themselves on stage, it was a pleasure to watch.  

Avenue Q tackles the topics that most musicals try to avoid, managing to portray tough life situations in a humorous way without distracting from their importance.  Some of the show's references are perhaps dated in parts but the heart of the story is still really relevant today and the final number, 'For Now', will leave you with a positive and upbeat message to take home - what more could you ask for?

Avenue Q is at the Kings Theatre until Saturday 29th August. For tickets and information visit