Panto Review : A Belter of a Cinderella Story - Websters Theatre, Glasgow ✭✭✭✭

The Cottiers panto is a well loved tradition in the Glaswegian festive calendar and since moving it to their Websters Theatre, Insideout have been the production company in residence. This year they're back with A Belter of a Cinderella Story, adding a Scottish twist to this classic tale. In this version Buttons in a DJ, one of the ugly sisters is a puppet and P Charming is a famous popstar.  

In Uptown Panto Partick things are not going well for Cinderella, who is unlucky in love and currently working in Cameron Hoose under the watchful eyes of her ugly step sisters Britney and Whitney. After winning (and then losing) a coveted ticket to P Charming's VIP party, luck comes her way in the form of Fairy G. Cinderella is now against the clock to win over the heart of P Charming and be back before the clock strikes 12. 

As Fairy G, Jamie McKillop does a great job at engaging the audience. His comic timing coupled with his energetic command of the stage result in a first class panto dame. Alison Rona Cleland fully committed to the role of the show's sassy and sometimes sinister baddie Whitney, with the ability to adlib at the drop of a hat when the moment demanded. What this production lacks in flash sets it more than makes up for with talent. The cast as a whole are vocally strong but Cleland, McGuinness and McKillop in particular make for a vocal trio not to be messed with. 

This is a family friendly panto full of heart and does a great job of representing the weegie humour. As the title suggests it's a wee belter of a show and one that should not be missed.   

A Belter of a Cinderella Story is at the Websters Theatre, Glasgow until 3rd of January. For tickets and information visit