Review: Peter Pan - New Wimbledon Theatre ✭✭✭✭

Peter Pan
New Wimbledon Theatre

9th December 2015: It's that time of year again... Oh yes it is! Pantomime season is upon us, and yet again, swathes of theatres up and down the country are opening their doors with festive arms. This years offering from Wimbledon is Peter Pan, and after swashbuckling my way past a pack of Brownies, I took my seat in the auditorium. There is a camera pointing into the audience which is then projected back on to a huge screen on stage - reminiscent of 'Kiss Cam' at sport matches. This gets the crowd laughing and into the spirit of things.

It goes without saying that Wimbledon is becoming renowned for it's big name casts, and this year is no different. Verne Troyer (Lofty the Pirate) may be a small man with a big stage to fill, but his enthusiasm for the role shows no bounds, dancing and joining in the fun and frolics on stage. Marcus Brigstocke plays a deviously devilish Captain Hook, and shows some great comedy skills, different accents, dancing, and even a bit of singing - his first number is quite a catchy tune, it has a great hook!

George Ure is a very likeable Peter Pan, flying in from all angles of the stage and has a great rapport with the audience. Comedian Jarred Christmas is a fantastic addition to the show playing Smee, with often some risqué jokes thrown in for the adults in the crowd which go down well. Sharon Ballard ignites the place with her soulful vocals as the Mermaid/Indian, and Chloe MacGregor makes her theatre debut with a great performance as Tiger Lily.

Dance group Flawless are on hand as the pirates, their routines are interjected nicely amongst the action along with a dance in some light suits which looked wonderful.
For me though, Francesca Mills (Tinker Bell) was the highlight of the show. Whether she was flying, singing, dancing, roller skating or having a love interest with Lofty, she was just captivating to watch.

Add all this along with some lavish sets and lighting and you have a recipe for a good fun filled show.
My only quibble is that the band were too loud and you couldn't hear the vocals clearly on a lot of the songs, the band mix needs to be turned down a bit I feel, but apart from that, a jolly good show indeed.

4 stars ✭✭✭✭

Peter Pan is at New Wimbledon Theatre until 10th January 2016