Discover "Yorkshire's Les Mis" No Horizon at Underbelly

Described by Chris Evans (Radio 2, BBC’s The One Show) as Yorkshire’s Les Mis, No Horizon tells the true, long forgotten story of sacrifice and an impossible dream. Blind Yorkshireman Nicholas Saunderson was an 18th century visionary.

Despite adversity and his lack of pedigree, Saunderson always harboured a hidden genius and an unquenchable thirst for learning. But before the invention Braille and with nobody to help him, there was little hope. Yet Saunderson had aspirations. This tale of courage and love is set against the contrasting earthiness of Yorkshire and the dreaming spires of Cambridge.

Saunderson rose to mix with Royalty; his brilliance was celebrated across Europe and as Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Christ’s College, Cambridge, he occupied the most prestigious mathematical seat in the country - a position until recently held by Stephen Hawking.
Saunderson’s bust now stands yellowing in a distant corner of Christ’s College. But, it’s time to remember who he was and No Horizon tells his story.

Looking beyond his extraordinary achievements, No Horizon relates a heart-rending human tale from impoverished Yorkshire origins through adversity, prejudice and humiliation to triumphant success.
With stunning music, this inspiring story tells how a young blind boy overcame many hurdles. Touchingly told, the show features music that is both beautiful and memorable, ranging from evocative ballads, to intense uplifting numbers, culminating with the inspirational and uplifting title track, No Horizon.

Writer Andy Platt comments, "Saunderson, the man, like his story was astonishing. It's a tale of passion, genius, love and hardship. He has been cruelly forgotten by history and I want to help restore him to where he belongs - as a national icon."

Performance Dates Wednesday 3rd – Saturday 27th August (not 16th), 17:00
Running time 1 hour 25 minutes
Location Underbelly Med Quad (Cow Barn), Teviot Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9AG
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Previews: £6
Weekday: £10 (£9)
Weekend: £11 (£10)