Edinburgh Fringe Review - Electric Eden ✭✭✭

Review by Ellen Cree

Electric Eden by theatre troupe Not Too Tame is quite different how you would stereotypically imagine theatre to be, however it is important to remember that nothing can be deemed ‘normal’ during the Fringe. This piece of ‘party theatre’ takes place in the famous Electric Circus music venue, where its pub set up plays a significant role in the action. The audience are made a part of the performance from the start. Upon arriving, each of us that entered the bar were approached to have UV paint applied to our faces, implying we’d be in for a energetic hour. While in the bar, before the actual performance commenced, the actors, in character, mingled with the audience, asking about their day and if they’d like a drink. The performance itself mostly consisted of a rally in memory of the late Tommy Eden who suffered from a fatal a heart attack while being moved away by security from a posh new spa across the road from where he would spend his time busking. Eden was a local hero and a beloved grandfather whose legacy sees the locals gather to celebrate his life, protest against his death and to party hard to disrupt the corporate bullies across the road in the spa.

Each character has a different outlook on the protest, each believing that their protesting and raving is a great idea to commemorate Tommy Eden, all apart from Tommy’s granddaughter who is conflicted, pregnant and struggling financially. Tommy’s granddaughter is made a generous offer by a representative of the spa who offers her large sum of money, but in exchange, Tommy’s granddaughter must shut down the project and claim that the volunteers have been exploiting and using her grandfather’s death for their own personal gain.  

While the story is both fun and upbeat, it is also very gripping and allows for moments of thought and reflection. Each of the cast also performs their own poetic monologues which give us a deeper insight into their backgrounds and why protesting for Tommy is important to them.

The strange thing about Electric Eden is that it takes place in the middle of the afternoon while it has vibe of an evening or late night show. It was quite a shock to the system when I left the dark venue and ventured back outside into broad daylight. I feel that it is also important to mention that is show is definitely not for the more anxious of us as there may be occasions you are asked up for a whirl around the dance floor!

Overall, Electric Eden is a fun show that will, however, leave you feeling a little on edge...