Make your heartbeat count with Gavin Plimsole at the Pleasance

Winner of Les Enfant Terribles Award 2016, The Inevitable Heartbreak of Gavin Plimsole prompts us to consider our own lives and how we make the most of our heartbeats.

If you knew you had a finite number of heartbeats, how would you make each beat count? Gavin feels a flutter in his heart and is given a life-changing diagnosis. In the time between the beat before this revelation and the beat after, he assesses his entire life; what has he done with those beats? Which has he thrown away? And how many did he lose when she broke his heart?

Gavin Plimsole is hoarding his heartbeats in the shed at the bottom of his garden; he may not have enough heartbeats left, so he may need to borrow some of yours... SharkLegs will measure audience members’ heartbeats using state of the art fitness heart rate monitors during the show. These readings will be projected onto the set and will influence the action and experience of the production every single performance. Through a partnership with ActivioFitness (the forerunner of heart rate group training), the company have created a new way of engaging with theatre.

With puppetry, three actors, a toy pig and a marble run, The Inevitable Heartbreak of Gavin Plimsole brings a surprisingly low-fi approach to some very hi-tech equipment. It takes a stab at answering three important questions; what do we do with our lives, how do we make each moment count and how does bungee jumping make anyone happy?

Director Kezia Cole comments, "We are absolutely thrilled to have won the 2016 Les Enfants Terribles Award and love that both LET and The Pleasance see something special in SharkLegs. We can’t wait to share Gavin’s story with the audience in Edinburgh and send everyone out to see each heartbeat in a new way."

Performance Dates Wednesday 3rd – Monday 29th August (not 16th), 13:40
Running time 1 hour
Location Pleasance Dome (10 Dome), 1 Bristo Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9AL
Box Office Tickets are available from
Previews: £6
Mid-Week: £9 (£8)
Early Week: £7.50 (£6.50)
Standard: £10 (£9)