Theatre Review: Ghost - Kings Theatre, Glasgow ✭✭✭

Based on a box office breaking love story that sent 'Unchained Melody' rocketing up the charts, Ghost has been adapted for the stage in London and beyond and is back touring the UK with Bill Kenwright's re-imagined production.

The curtain lifts as lovers Molly and Sam are excitedly settling in to their new home in Brooklyn and as the original song ‘Here Right Now’ plays the audience is given an insight into their relationship. Investment in the couple is high from the start and only grows as the saddening story unfolds.

One of the unique selling points of this show is its big scale production which was lacking slightly.  Kenwright's production was adequate but scaled down which detracted from the overall experience. What was lacking in set was made up for with the use of visual trickery, you have to truly suspend your disbelief as the cast walk through doors and make objects move with their mind.  

Carolyn Maitland captured the essence of sculptor Molly Jensen perfectly. Molly goes through a whole host of emotions - happiness, frustration, anger and acceptance to name but a few and Maitland draws every one out effortlessly.

Jacqui Dubois was an absolute stage stealer playing Whoopi Goldberg's iconic character, Oda Mae Brown, evoking instant laughter from the moment she appeared. Dubois brought colour, warmth and light relief to an otherwise heart wrenching tale.   

Glen Ballard and Dave Stewart do an excellent job with the original songs, injecting a new lease of life into an already beloved story. 

Ghost is at the King's Theatre, Glasgow until Saturday 1st April. For tickets and information visit ATG Tickets.