Theatre Review: Grease - King's Theatre, Glasgow ✭✭

Grease was the word on everyone's lips at the Kings theatre, as the well known stage to screen musical made it's touring stop in Glasgow.  Set in the 1950's the familiar tale follows a group of high school seniors navigating their way through the pits and peaks of teenage life and focuses on the roller coaster romance between heart throb and T-bird Danny (Tom Parker) and new girl on the block, Sandy (Danielle Hope). 

The production feels disjointed and if you weren't already familiar with the plot, this could have been hard to follow. The characters were lacking in individuality and at times it was difficult to tell them apart, iconic lines were either delivered and missed or just not delivered at all and there was a lack of atmosphere in the venue. 

The costumes and choreography were executed well but the shows saving grace was it's musical numbers, which was mostly due to the talent of the orchestra who were based on stage for a good portion of both acts. The solo performances were weak which has to be rectified by the strong ensemble, that being said Gary Lamont's rendition of 'Beauty School Drop Out' was a highlight. Grease has all the makings of great musical theatre but unfortunately this production does not deliver. 

Grease is at the King's Theatre Glasgow until Saturday 20th May. For tickets and information visit ATG Tickets