DVD Review: Mindhorn ✭✭✭


On DVD and Blu-Ray from September 4
Available for Digital Download from August 28

Mindhorn is a detective TV show in the 1980's detective show set on the Isle of Man. Richard Thorncroft (Julian Barratt) plays Mindhorn an actor who let a little bit of fame go to his head. Fast forward 25 years and Richard Thorncroft is a struggling actor who never really achieved anything after he lift Mindhorn and the Isle of Man.

The movie stems round a murder that has happened on the Isle of Man and the only person the 'suspected' killer will talk to is the fictional character Mindhorn, the police call in Richard Thorncroft to help track down and arrest the killer.

There isn't anything majorly special about this film, nothing that really stands out after watching it. However Julian Barratt is perfect in the role of Mindhorn, the character is very Steve Coogan's Alan Partridge. Steve Coogan actually makes a cameo appearance in the film. This film is hilarious if you like the Mighty Boosh and dry humour is your thing.

Alongside Barratt is a stellar supporting cast Simon Farnaby as Clive Parnevik, Mindhorn's Stuntman, whose competitive relationship with Thorncroft is probably one of the funniest things about this film.

Essie Davis plays Pat Deville - the one Thorncroft ran away from to try and conquer Hollywood. Pat Deville used to be Mindhorn's love interest in the TV show and also in real life, now years later Pat is a glamorous career woman oozing the confident success that her former boyfriend now craves. As the movie unfolds this only becomes funnier and also creepier.

The end credits feature the song 'You Can't Handcuff The Wind' by Robin Thorncroft, but if you don't want to listen to the credits you can easily watch the music video in the special DVD features. I recommend watching it is ridiculous.

Fans of Julian Baratt, The Might Boosh and mock-heroic Britcoms this will do you just fine. Worth a watch but probably not another.

Special DVD features 
- Commentary by Julian Barratt and Simon Farnaby
- Mindhorn featurette
- Film shout outs
- Thieves in the cinema ad
- The mind of Mindhorn
- Richard Thorncroft interview
- Clive Parnevik stunt masterclass
- Music video: 'You can't handcuff the wind' by Richard Thorncroft

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