Review: Cirque du Soleil - Luzia - Royal Albert Hall, London ✭✭✭✭

Cirque du Soleil 

Royal Albert Hall, London

Review by Andrea Valls

13th January 2022: Cirque du Soleil breathes life back into the Royal Albert Hall after over 600 days without a performance in the iconic venue.

2022 marks 25 years since Cirque du Soleil first brought its captivating magic to the Royal Albert Hall, and Luzia: A Waking Dream of Mexico doesn’t disappoint. With stunning set design, beautiful music and breath-taking acrobatics, the Daniel Finzi-Pasca directed show will have you picking your jaw up off the floor.

A whimsical storyline runs through the show, beginning with Fool Koller's loveable clown falling from the sky. He lands in the dreamy world and what ensues lives up to the show’s title; a tribute to Mexico’s natural landscape; with weird and wonderful creatures, lush flora and fauna and a rain machine which feels like a character in itself!

Needless to say, the acrobatics are awe-inspiring with some truly heart in mouth moments. There is every element you would hope for and expect from a circus, a juggler, tight-rope walker and acrobats flying through the air accompanied by a chorus of screams and gasps from the audience. The skill level is through the roof and the performers truly look like they are enjoying every moment.

An incredible show and electric atmosphere, Luzia: A Waking Dream of Mexico is an unforgettable experience.

Four stars ✭✭✭✭

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Cirque du Soleil - Luzia
Royal Albert Hall London

Runs until 27 Feb 2022